“Ningbo Anxin Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd.”, is a subsidiary of Haitian Drive Systems, was recognized as a “High-tech Enterprise” on September 27, 2011. The achievement of this certificate, on the one hand, is the government’s support and affirmation of the achievements made by Haitian Drive Systems in the field of scientific and technological innovation and development in recent years, and on the other hand, is also an encouragement for Haitian Drive Systems to continue its pioneering and innovative efforts. We will step up innovation, invest more in research and development in areas such as energy efficiency, low carbon and environmental protection, and technological upgrading, and strive to provide more high-tech products for society.

高新技术企业证书 Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises
企业名称 Enterprise Name
宁波安信数控技术有限公司 Ningbo Anxin Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd.
证书编号 Certificate No.
发证日期 Issuing Date
有效期 Validity
批准机关 Issued by
宁波市科学技术局 Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau
宁波市财政局 Ningbo Finance Bureau
浙江省宁波市国家税务局 Ningbo Tax Service, State Administration of Taxation
浙江省宁波市地方税务局 Zhejiang Ningbo Local Taxation Bureau