Hilectro Drive upholds the purpose of Haitian Group innovation, putting forward the slogan “Drive Your Excellence”. We constantly improve products and service quality through innovation, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of our products. We firmly believe good products can put customers at ease and also that good products can enhance market competitiveness.


electric forklift trucks


The 5.0 ton and 0.8 ton balanced electric forklift trucks were newly researched and produced by New Energy Business Unit.


The self-developed Hi series servo drive


With a superior power of 200kw-315kw, this machine was developed and manufactured successfully and its sales were made.

Anson CNC products press conference


The press conference of Ancon CNC products convened to formally introduce the HP1 one embedded motor and its supporting Hi drive.

SCARA robot


The self-developed SCARA robot of controller HS-RC1000 was represented by our company.

The Ethercat bus communication was supported by Hi series of drives, the J6 control card jointly developed by Drive Technology Unit and CNC Business Unit successfully recognized the Ethercat bus communication among injection molding machines, J6 card and drives. Since then, the servo control of injection molding machines was transferred from analog quantity to digital age.


The mass production and sales of self-developed 5.5kw-160kw Hi series of servo drives were realized;



J6 full digital sport card was applied to the third generation of two board machine and MAIIS injection molding machine, 6 joints and 4 joints robots of control equipment of H5 robot.


The newly developed HSBF series of manual proportional reversing valve was introduced;


The developed and manufactured new product for machining industry was introduced – manipulator XTH0151S-1L with supporting structure;


Establishment of Ningbo Hilectro Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Haitian Drive Systems Co., Ltd. was duly authorized as the sole partner by Tecnomagnete S.P.A., and their all products’ after-sale service and technical support in China were provided by Haitian Drive Systems; The first self-developed H5 three-axis manipulator controller equipped with Haitain Drive Systems’ XTA-800 IS manipulator left the factory; The first self-developed S10 control system of servo tool changer equipped with Wojia tool changer and Haitian’s precision-machined HTM-63 Wojia left the factory;

The preparation of Dongguan factory of Manipulator Business Unit was basically completed


Product Development Group of servo drive for molding machine and CNC machine tools was established; The first self-developed H5 three-axis manipulator controller equipped with Haitain Drive Systems’ XTA-800 IS manipulator left the factory; The first self-developed S10 control system of servo tool changer equipped with Wojia tool changer and Haitian’s precision-machined HTM-63 Wojia left the factory; The test of high speed and cost–effective ITMH motor prototype with a pressure class of 17.5MPa used for molding machine was completed by the Hydraulic Transmission Business Unit.


Functional Component Business Unit of Haitian Drive Systems had a cooperation with Tecnomagenete S.P.A.


For the embedded magnetic template of fast molding change of electrically controlled permanent magnet – brand-new molding change unit of injection molding machine jointly developed by Functional Component Business Unit of Haitian Drive Systems and Tegnomagnete S.P.A., its first 800T embedded magnetic template was sold to the client in the field of automobile industry in Chongqing; The mounted pallet stacker was introduced after the production of electric forklift by Hilectro Power Technology Co., Ltd.; The small scale production of multi-way valve of forklift was completed and the test of test-bed was passed by Hydraulic Transmission Business Unit; The CRM-PS series, including a curve multi-action radial low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor, SMA6V high-speed motor and SMA2F, were newly introduced by STF.


New brand available


Establishment of Hilectro Power Technology Co., Ltd. and its opening and production in Chunxiao plant area


Establishment of Hydraulic Transmission Business Unit


Electric forklift project of Haitian Drive Systems was formally launched


The first version of main control panel hardware of CNC system was completed; The water cooled drivers with a high-power of 160KW, 75KW were trial-produced successfully and installed successfully; The first version of mechanical structure of operation panel of CNC system and debugging of program were completed and put into use; The first chain-link type of tool changer (ATC60-80HW) in Functional Component Business Unit was trial-manufactured successfully.

“Ningbo Haitian Motor Co., Ltd. was changed with its name to “Ningbo Haitian Drive Systems Co., Ltd.”


Establishment of Functional Component Business Unit


The first 30 four-way directional equivalent load rolling linear guide pair was trial-produced successfully and applied to injection molding machine and CNC machine tools; The first AC servo motor with dual spindle low speed direct drive in the country was developed, designed and manufactured; The inner curve motor CRM-HA100 self-developed by STF was successfully passed the test, and the same series of hydraulic motor CRM-HA50 was delivered to Haitian for installed test of molding machine.

Ningbo Haitian Motor Co., Ltd. was formally established


“Ningbo Haizhu Machinery Co., Ltd” affiliated by Haitian Motor was changed with its name to “Ningbo Anson CNC Technology Co., Ltd.” and was in formal business.

Establishment of Manipulator Business Unit


Cooperated with Japanese manipulator manufacturer Star, the company has successfully developed the products such as XTA18001 (H) D, XTA2000ID.The cooperation was terminated on December 31,2016.


The first J5 system of servo motor was developed successfully


The first nationwide dual spindle AC servo motor + direct-coupled gear pump system were trial-produced successfully.

The 3rd major industry of Haitian Group—- Start of Haitian motor Establishment of Motor Business Unit of Ningbo Haitian Group Co., Ltd.


The first Haitian AC permanent magnet servo motor with 7.5kw 1000rpm was completed for its preproduction and successfully applied to electric pre-molding.