Since the production of our company’s Hilectro electric forklift truck, the quality of the balanced electric forklift truck, including series of 1T, 1.5T and 2T, has been continuously improved, which is widely recognized in the industry. In January 2013, the Hilectro station mounted pallet stacker began to be put into mass production, including three series products of 1T, 1.5T and 2T.

The stacker adopts AC drive system and has wide speed range. It has three independent brake systems and uses hydraulic power unit and drive assembly system to improve the stability and reliability of the whole vehicle. The motor inertia generation rectifier circuit is adopted to realize the power generation function and improve the braking performance at the same time. All operations are integrated in the control handle. Its appearance uses the big arc flow line shape and curved surface modeling, which is more in accord with the human engineering design.