On the afternoon of March 25, the annual conference of defective products improvement and new product development of Haitian Drive Systems was held in Haitian Park. Liu Jianbo, general manager of Haitian Drive Systems, made an important speech at the meeting, Fang Zhiguo, the executive vice-president of Haitian Drive Systems notified the new product research and development project rating situation, each department leader made work report for defective products improvement situation in the first quarter of 2013. There are nearly 200 people attend the mobilization meeting, including cadres of Haitian Drive Systems Group, Cadres appointed internally, marketing and after-sales personnel, quality manager and technical backbone.

The successful convening of the mobilization conference has formed a huge centripetal force in Haitian Drive Systems, which inspires the company’s scientific and technological personnel to vigorously carry forward the spirit of innovation and endeavor. The quarterly defective products improvement meeting will form a system, which will be included in the quality management of daily management scope of Haitian Drive Systems.