In order to enrich the cultural life of the enterprise and show the elegant demeanor of the industry, the 6th Ningbo Logistics Games, namely Ningbo Youth Forklift Skills Competition in 2013 was held in Ningbo Economic & Trade school on April 13, 2013. Hilectro electric forklift is designated special forklift truck for the forklift skills competition.

In the forklift skills competition, the winner will be awarded honorary title of “Young Professional Master” of Ningbo City. Contestants complete the operation according to the route stipulated in the competition. The main operation contents include: Start preparation, fork transport of goods, transporting with goods around pile in 1.6m small interval, turning 90 degree over narrow passage area, 8 pallets stacking in narrow area, stopping in storage, time limit is 9 minutes. As the designated special forklift truck in the forklift skills competition, Hilectro electric forklift truck cooperated with contestants to successfully complete various assessments, and attracted extensive attention from the logistics enterprises in the competition with the advantages of flexibility, stability, responsiveness, energy saving and efficiency.