From 18 to 20, June in 2013, the 4th Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment and Informationization Exhibition and the 9th Guangzhou International Brand Forklift and Accessories Exhibition was held in Pazhou Exhibition Center, Guangzhou. The Hilectro electric forklift truck developed by our company participated in the exhibition for the first time as a forklift spare parts manufacturer and a complete vehicle manufacturer.

The Hilectro electric forklift truck presented its core technology at the exhibition: Electric control system, differential system and proportional hydraulic control valve. The electric control system of Hilectro electric forklift truck adopts the fully AC double-drive high-efficiency motor, which ensures excellent driving performance even under the most unqualified floor and ground conditions. The Hilectro differential system can provide the left and right motor electron differential speed, achieving good operational flexibility and road holding ability; It takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0km/h to 5Km/h. The Hilectro proportional hydraulic control valve enables the electric forklift truck to accurately control the amount of oil in moving process by a reliable calculation system, thus providing smooth control and minimizing vibration. (Hilectro CeMAT Booth No.: W1-E2-2)