The Fuzhou International Fisheries International Expo in 2018 will be grandly held at the China • Fuzhou • Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center from June 1 to June 3. The Fisheries International Exhibition and the Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo, Fujian Food and Beverage Exhibition and Fujian Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition is held during at the same period, which have a total exhibition area of 66000 square meters, and there have 3000 booths from 34 countries and regions, the total professional buyers are more than 10000 people. They are grand meeting for quality products and advanced technology from all over the country that professionals at home and abroad can share.

Hilectro Power will attend the Fujian Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition with its Three-wheel Forklift Truck, Booth No.: 7J41. Welcome all friends to visit and guide us!

海迈克三支点叉车 Hilectro Three-wheel Forklift Truck
三支点叉车特殊解析 Special Analysis of Three-wheel forklift truck
三支点叉车是以后轮可以转动90°为特色的三轮叉车。此外,当后轮被转动超过75°时,被动的内轮倒退功能仅使前内轮胎以相反方向旋转。这就起到了用于更平稳的急转弯和原地转弯时强大的驱动力作用。 Three-wheel forklift truck is a three-wheeled forklift of which rear wheel can be rotated  90°. In addition, when the rear wheel is rotated more than 75°, the passive inner wheel reversing function can only drive the front inner wheel rotate in the opposite direction. This serves as a powerful driving force for smoother sharp turns and in-situ turns.
最小转变半径比较 Comparison of minimum transition radius
4轮式叉车 4-wheel forklift truck
3轮式叉车 3-wheel forklift truck
全方位旋转 Full rotation