Plastic pallet is the basic tool of warehousing logistics industry, also is the necessary “magic weapon” of factory manufacturing industry. Since its market demand is huge, so how to improve production efficiency is extremely urgent.

Hilectro automation’s answer is “intelligent manufacturing” , and there are three reasons to believe it:

  1. Traditional human operation are time consuming, laborious and costly!
    The production of plastic pallet involves injection molding, parts taking, sprue cutting, foot pads assembly and other processes. In the traditional manual operation, there is the risk of injury when the pallet is flipped by human. It is slow to cut sprue by hand scissors, and it is difficult to maintain the consistency of cutting effect and speed in long time operation. When using hammer to assemble foot pads, workers have greater physical exertion and it is difficult to work continuously with the machine for a long time. If the factory suddenly receives a production orders with a large quantity, it will have to temporarily increase the number of employees, which undoubtedly increases the production cost of the factory.
  2. Automated simulation of the manual technological process, which completely frees hands
    According to the production site situation, the technical staff of Hilectro automation will separate the various processes: The manipulator is responsible for taking parts, and the six-axis robot is responsible for sprue cutting and assembling the foot pads, supplemented by the foot pads loading platform, pallet turnover platform and material dropping sliding platform, and finally constitutes the production unit of pallets intelligent manufacturing. A plurality of such production units can be positioned next to the conveyor belt bus in the factory. And workers only need to look after stacking situation of the product bus, which has reduced the labor intensity greatly.
  3. Intelligent manufacturing helps improve enterprise competitiveness
    At present, this set of equipment has been purchased by many customers. For example, we take Shanghai Lika Plastic Pallets Manufacturing Co. Ltd as an example, since the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment, just two to three years, it can offset the transformation cost, and the customer also feedback the change of “two improving and one reducing” :

    • Product image is improved: Sprue cutting surface is smooth, foot pads assembly is beautiful and consistent;
    • Production efficiency is improved: Production cycle can be reduced to half of the original;
    • Labor costs is reduced: With the same output, the number of workers could be cut by two-thirds.

With the help of “two improving and one reducing”, manufacturers can flexibly change the production rhythm with lower labor cost. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, it has strength to take large orders in a short time. By improving the production flexibility of orders, the enterprise’s market competitiveness has been greatly enhanced.

Case decomposition
1. Selecting products with XTD cow head machine
2. Robot is transferred to the working platform
3. Robot embed the non-slip mat
4. Robot trims head of materials
5. The platform is fliped, and robot embed the non-slip mat and trimming materials on the reverse side
6. materials are transferred back to the conveyor line and enter the next process